Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OrthoSportsTherapy.Com Appraisal


As my email stated, www.OrthoSportsTherapy.Com expired recently
and we acquired it in a domain name auction.

Since you own the .NET version of this domain name, we wanted
to provide you with the opportunity to own the preferred .COM

OrthoSportTherapy.Com is a pretty darn good domain name and,
the truth is, the .COM is a far stronger version of the name than
the .NET is for the following reasons:

* .COM is the strongest brand on the Internet

* When people think of a website, they intuitively
think '.COM'

* Odds are people trying to get to your website are
inadvertently going to OrthoSportsTherapy.Com
because they assume that is where they can find you

* .COM conveys a Professionalism that .NET or .ORG
names cannot match

If you'd like to own OrthoSportsTherapy.Com, you can buy
it now by covering our acquisition costs and a modest profit.

If you have any interest I encourage you to act quickly
because this domain name will only be offered for sale for
a limited time.

Some other business facts to consider in this dynamic market:

* The Median value of a .COM name in 2007 was over
$600.00 (Source: AfterNIC)

* The average cost of an annual Yellow Pages listing
is more than the one-time cost of your own
.COM brand and name - and not nearly as valuable
over the life of your business.

What is a new customer worth to your Company?

Do you know the lifetime value of your customers? You should.

If having your true .COM identity brings in one more customer
a month, what is that worth to your business?

We are pleased to offer this domain name to you to complete your
online business brand for the discounted price of only:

$ 279.00

If you agree to this price you may safely and securely purchase it here
via credit card or via PayPal. We use secure 128-bit encryption on our
Secure Servers. Once the transaction is complete we will push the
domain to you for FREE via within 48 hours.

You may also contact me directly at 888.726.8899 (888-SCOTT99),
or you can email me directly at should you
have any additional questions.


Scott Hall